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Walters was not made a member of the Board by Paramahansaji himself, but was elected by the Board in 1960 upon the passing of Dr. In the beginning he accepted for residence in the Encinitas colony married couples and families in addition to the renunciants who were already there.

However, it wasn’t long before he determined that to properly organize spiritual communities for families along the lines he envisioned would take much more time than he then had available—From then on, the Encinitas center, like the Mt.

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Information : Statistics regarding the size and concentration of HTML coding used.Many of the stories are from the online devotees friends group.This site is for SRF devotees and does not support any other spiritual groups.After describing the evolution of the Guru’s plans with regard to such communities, she concluded: He said to us that his mission was to bring the message of kriya yoga.There will be plenty of time in the future when such colonies and other ideas can be put into effect.

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