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Recently a Christian was telling me how his/her child, that’s only 14 year old, was “dating” a “nice guy;” but that the person he/she was dating was not a Christian.Wow, dating that young, and unequally yoked is a recipe for a disaster.Many wonderful principles from years of experience are relayed in this sermon, if you are thinking of courtship or marriage, this teaching will greatly benefit the glory of God in that respect.Description: Brother Paul Washer here describes something that is drastically wanting in the modern movement that calls itself Christianity.

The primary motivation for both our sending of missionaries, and also our going as missionaries is two-fold, we must not send men, but the truth of God, and we do not go primarily for man, but for God.

He explains both the timing and the principles of courtship; the basis and the proceedings of it; and gives counselling regarding sexual immorality and how to avoid it.

Underpinning the whole matter is a proper regard for Biblical authority in the home and the church, the very foundations laid in the first meeting.

Are you walking a life where the discipline of the Lord is evident?

Has the powerful hand of God reached down and changed your heart?

While we have conferences, classes, programs and many other things to teach us how to, and also to minister to other men, we have forgotten what it is to minister unto the Lord.

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