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Hey Im a young man who are in love with Mongolian culture and history.

I read more Mongolian culture after I watched a movie which was about Ghengis khan.

After all, I reasoned, Ron was closer to Jesus than I was, and he knew Scripture better than I did. In my imagination, he was the closest thing to a boyfriend I could have in my shadow world of unrequited gay love.I tried hard to be a good Christian boy in my Grandma's eyes.Even when my brother wore red sneakers, she was nevertheless delighted that we accompanied her to church.I want be part of Mongolian culture and Im searching loved woma..very optimistic and confident man,looking to find someone to share the good things and bad moment that life throws to everyone with.

Sometimes I could see his pecs pushing against the fabric of his shirts that were just tight enough to let his nipples show.

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