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Perhaps the most common reason women lose interest in their romantic partner, is that he no longer makes her feel special.

While it is true that she fell madly in love with him in the beginning, the attention and affection he lavished on her while winning her heart, is now missing.

Of course, he may have a perfectly valid reason for failing to call at the appointed time, and a wife will likely forgive her husband.

If the couple are only dating though, this may be a signal for her to cool the relationship.

Unlimited cell phone contracts make communication much easier these days, compared with the past and the expensive long distance phone bills.

Most women say they feel more romantic and relaxed during an intimate telephone conversation with a new man, than during close physical encounters like face to face first dates.

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For a woman, this takes all the romance right out of the evening and signals to her that she is not important enough for him set aside the entire night.

Remember not to make your very first phone sex conversations too serious.

Introduce some lighter topics, until you get to know each other a little better.

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Now she feels like he takes her for granted and no longer makes an attempt to bring romance into the relationship.

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