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The tech world is all agog these days about chatbots.

These are automated computer programs that simulate online conversations with people to answer questions or perform tasks.

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Google’s Allo bot, which also features Google Assistant, helps users find information and complete tasks, such as booking a dinner reservation and requesting real-time sports scores within the bot, rather than having to jump among apps.

Companies expected to use Allo and Google Assistant when it launches this summer include Open Table, Grub Hub and Uber, according to the research firm Forrester.

With Chatbots the interface becomes simpler but the design gets complicated.

Efficient Chatbots have to be fronted by robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines to handle wide variations of human conversation and channel them to respond efficiently.

The chat assistant, known as SBI Intelligent Assistant, or SIA, will help customers with everyday banking tasks just like a bank representative.Gone are the days when you just messaged plain text in abbreviated form, today message can contain any forms of media.With ever growing user base being engaged in this medium messaging as a platform was bound to leap to the next level of innovation - Chatbots.State Bank of India (SBI), One of the world’s largest bank headquartered in India, is currently beta-testing its intelligent assistant called.SIA is a chatbot which is aimed at handling customer queries and help guide them through the various retail products and services offered by SBI."SIA is a revolution in the banking industry.

With this platform, companies can build a bot that answers customer questions or performs tasks without users having to leave the ecosystem to access another app or call the company.

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