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However, on a system with limited Open GL acceleration function, specifically the lack of an Open GL Framebuffer Object or pbuffer, the use of an Open GL environment like Xgl makes xv hardware accelerations impossible.

In the event that the window manager doesn't directly support compositing, it is more difficult to isolate where the video stream should be rendered, because by the time it can be accelerated the output has already been turned into a single image.

In order for this to work, three things have to come together: Most modern video controllers provide the functions required for XVideo; this feature is known as hardware scaling and YUV acceleration or sometimes as 2D hardware acceleration.Ảnh đẹp 24h, xin trân thành cảm ơn độc giả đã luôn ghé thăm và nhớ đến chúng tôi. Thi thoảng có quà đặc biệt, chúng tôi không bao giờ spam.Without XVideo, X would have to do this scaling on the main CPU.That requires a considerable amount of processing power, which could slow down or degrade the video stream; video controllers are specifically designed for this kind of computation, so can do it much more cheaply.

With properly installed drivers, and GPU hardware such as supported Intel, ATI, and n Vidia chip sets, some window managers, called compositing window managers, allow windows to be separately processed and then rendered (or composited).

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