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About the time Laura started college, Steven had begun to notice how attractive she was. Steven kissed her back, enjoying the softness of her lips in his.

It seemed every time he saw her since then she had gotten even hotter. They kissed, softly moaning into each others mouths as the wet sounds of their lips sliding over one another’s filled the car.

Steven’s and Laura’s moms were close, so they grew up seeing each other several times a year growing up. “Steven,” Laura suggested, “Pull the car over.” The car pulled into a dark parking lot and Steven put the gear in park.

They got together a little less frequently since Laura started college four years ago, but the whole family still gathered at least a couple times a year. Laura unbuckled and used his shoulders to balance herself as she moved over the center console to straddle her cousin.

Although Steven was four years younger than Laura, they had always been close. He smiled at her as she took his face in her hands and gently slipped her tongue in between his lips.

Laura smiled as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, enjoying the pleasure treatment her cousin was giving her.

Yes, she thought, the college girls were going to love him.

She loosely wrapped her hand around his hard shaft, smiling as she felt his girth in her fingers.

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