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Items Source = Get Employee List(); DELETE records by pressing Delete Key: When the user selects one or various rows and presses the DELETE key, the Preview Key Down is fired and the rows disappear; however, the delete action does not update the database but only the collection. It is important to mention that the program needs to know that the user is deleting a row, not only a cell content; hence, just like in the insert operation, I used a Boolean value is Being Edited which is set to false unless the user is deleting the whole row.To set the Boolean is Being Edited to true I use the Beginning Edit event handler of the grid.Save Changes(); INSERT records by moving to the next/prior row: Ok, this is a little more complicated because you need to make sure the user is inserting a record.Here I created a Boolean value is Insert Mode which is set to false unless the user is actually inserting a record, if the user is only updating a record the is Insert Mode needs to be false.To set the Boolean is Insert Mode to true I use the Adding New Item event handler of the grid.The user will see a warning message box letting him/her know that the record is about to be inserted, if the user decides not to insert the record, the grid is simply refreshed by reloading the data with dg Emp. Remove(employee); in order to delete the rows from the database.

The developer was convinced that something was going on because the binding was working for one and not the other. To fix this, simply make the following tweak to the binding statement.

The simplest way of doing this is by defining a Data Grid Check Box Column.

When people do this, they sometimes find that the bindings don’t work properly.

How do I get the Rad Grid View to generate the row details after the Alarms property has been set, if raising the Property Changed event doesn't do it?

I'm trying to virtualize the loading of the Alarms data from the database and speed up the process by retrieving less data initially.

When the Alarms property is set, the Property Changed event is raised.

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