Without a paddle dating

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You can tell it is handmade as the handle is not perfectly rounded and there are a few polishing drip marks, but we like that it has its own charm.

Well, he clearly did something right because these paddles are multi-functional and super-fun to use.The trick is to hold the paddle "upside-down" so you can grip it without interference.Of course, we attempted to put Andy’s penis inside the handle hole but he was too girthy. We spank each other with our hands all day long, so paddles have some fierce competition. It feels great in the hand of the holder and it feels great on the butt of the receiver.As he continues to test it, I pick up a set of purple suspenders with fake plastic breasts that was on the floor, and hang them up.He interrupts himself and points to the suspenders.) “Oh, well, all right. If I can’t find one there, I will come back for this in a few weeks.

(I am the assistant manager for a very well known, nationwide novelty shop that also sells some adult intimate products.

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