Why do guys pull back when dating

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So what’s the deal, why do men pull away and what can you do about it?Every guy is different, and every relationship is different, but in general men pull away for three main reasons. Most women have a hard time accepting that this is how men deal with issues because when we are having a difficult time, our first instinct is to talk about it and seek comfort from friends or loved ones. When a man is having a hard time, he needs to pull back and work through his issues on his own.

Putting pressure on a man is never a good strategy and will often drive him away. You’re Being Needy and He Feels Suffocated A man doesn’t have to be dealing with personal issues to feel the need to retreat.

Just let it be and give him the space to find his way back to you.

And in that time, enjoy your life and find ways to be happy.

The biggest mistake you can make is not giving him the space to do this.

If you harp on him and pester him to talk to you and open up he will see you as another source of stress in his life and will pull away even more.

Sometimes too much neediness from you is enough to cause him to back away.

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