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You don't realize that when you go out and have a couple drinks and you come back home and you pass out, you're raiding your esophagus with acid from two or three whiskey sours. With extra time on your hands did you pay much attention to the current music cycle? I wanted to step away from being competitive, or super-intellectualizing everything.If you do that night after night and then you sing eight hours a day while you're writing a record, you're going to start wearing away at the stuff in your throat. It was about to be a generational change for me anyway.Before you went away you got some flak for saying various things, and then there was the Taylor Swift situation. I don't know that I thought of it as a Band-Aid for anything. I wasn't running away, because I would have happily gone back on tour. People are a lot less concerned in what's going on with other people.It was like, I want to have a place over time where I can just get away to, and I happen not to be able to go anywhere else, so I'm gonna start living where I was planning on living two years from now because I was going to be on tour. I think people are a lot less concerned with what's going on with the lives of celebrities, and celebrities are a little less concerned with what's going on with the lives of other people thinking about them all day [I mean, I used to be incredibly put off by somebody taking a picture, thinking as if in some way it was it was invading my brain.When I got that place, I thought that I was going on tour. I thought that was going to be the place I hung out in between legs of a tour. But all it is is you can see where I was last weekend. So now you got a picture of where I was last weekend. On the outset of all this stuff in 20, everybody was thinking, "Well, what does this mean for me?

For me to get back onstage and play again, it's just like, "Oh right, this is what I'm able to do. " It's just sort of a really interesting lesson. You're going to be on tour all summer, I assume. And it just turned out that I had been given the clean bill of health about a month ago. I actually had them go back another time to look again, and I kind of feel like I want to go back a third time, because I'm just not used to it going my way.

"They said cancer would have been easier to get rid of." But a second round of surgery in August worked, and on January 16th, Mayer played his first set in two years at a benefit in Bozeman, Montana, for the firefighters who battled the wildfires that destroyed 12,000 acres near the singer's home last summer. And that could be because I wasn't ready to tour and promote, but also the videos came out, the record came out, it had a shot.

Mayer sounded raspy but overjoyed jamming on an eight-minute version of last year's "If I Ever Get Around to Living."In this exclusive online Q&A, Mayer opens up about his new voice, why he's reluctant to speak out more often ("I abused that ability to express myself, to the point where I was expressing things that weren't true to my thoughts"), dating Katy Perry, and why he doesn't consider himself a pop hitmaker anymore. I'm OK with that."John Mayer Sings Onstage for the First Time in Two Years Congratulations on singing onstage again. How did you adapt to not being a touring, performing musician? I would rather not be settled in as a person instead of playing music all the time, to be honest with you. I wasn't going to be able to just visualize myself as a musician.

I've been listening to the Grateful Dead nonstop.

Mark my words, the Grateful Dead are gonna make a comeback, because of how that music cleanses your palate.

Last year, doctors told John Mayer it could be years before he sang again.

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