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Sometimes a movie project just gives you the giggles, even if you don’t really know any specifics about it. Stunt woman Zoe Bell has been cast to star in an action movie written by Sarah Thorp (, the 2004 thriller starring Ashley Judd). A woman writing an action flick with another woman as the protagonist has to give you the giggles, right? If you don’t recognize the name Zoe Bell, do not feel bad.I didn’t recognize it either, but after a bit of research I discovered that Zoe Bell was Lucy Lawless‘ stunt double on I’m not sure why the fact that Xena’s stunt-doubling better half getting her own creative vehicle in which to kick ass and take names is such an enjoyable idea to me.Director Josh Waller describes it as “, the latter in that there is an underground aristocracy at its core.I wanted to try to track something closer to the gladiator days, as if this is something that has been happening since ancient Rome …Brick Breeland, who had long been eager to have the whole practice to himself.After a rough start in Bluebell, rubbing nearly all the residents the wrong way, drunkenly making out with Wade Kinsella after faultily signing off on Old Man Jackson's eye exam (resulting in his running over George Tucker), and butting heads with the Breeland clan, Zoe is ready to return to New York with her mother, Mrs.The year is 2077 in the film, set 60 years after Earth has suffered a catastrophic alien invasion. It's something audiences haven't seen."A true slave to the art, Cruise is famously known for doing his own stunts and in 2010, and Cruise promises that audiences will be hanging on the edge of their seats until the very end of the movie."I remember when I was going through the story there were moments where I went 'woah' what just happened there? "It's wonderful seeing [the reactions of] audiences across the world because the film has so many twists and turns up until the final frame."Cruise has been traveling worldwide promoting the project.

You don’t have to know much about After bloggers to know that we are suckers for women in tank tops.

I guess maybe it’s the unconventional path she has taken to become a lead in a movie.

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris went that martial-arts-to-big-screen-hero route, so maybe it’s time for a woman? Bell was also Uma Thurman‘s stunt double in Quentin Tarantino’s , so the girl sure knows how to lay down the hammer on those who cross her.

they just went underground.”So far, so good, right? Bell is one of the top female stunt performers in the world. (I liked Nichols on the show; we just wanted Cook and Brewster back.) One of her most memorable appearances was in the otherwise forgettable , there are beautiful women from all over who are abducted specifically to fight.

She was Lucy Lawless‘ stunt double on when the producers misguidedly tried to get rid of A. [The women] are forced to fight and they don’t know who by, but they have to fight or they die.”Hmm.

Harley Wilkes, who sought her out at her graduation from medical school to offer her a position in his medical practice, "Our last name is Hart so it's pre-destined" (Pilot) .

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