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In the meantime, go here to get all your mating questions answered: Check out his bestselling book of debauchery and all of his young male escapades on his web site, He also has a podcast called Mating Grounds, so you can listen in there as well.This is not because she’s being superficial or a jerk, it’s because there are deeply-rooted biological signals you send out simply by the way you look.According to Tucker, there are about 10 things a woman sees and assesses in under a minute that make up 80 – 100% of whether she’s going to be attracted to you or not.“If you’re fat, do you realize how hard that is to overcome? “You can, but it’s hard.” Sometimes, you have such a fantastic personality or you have money or you’re funny and you can get beyond your weight, but you are fighting hard against it. “It’s not about looking like me, either,” says Tucker. It’s really important to understand the science behind this selection process, and maybe it will help you find your “why.” Like, the reason you decide to lose weight, utilize better hygiene practices, or just get healthier.If finding a mate is your “why,” that’s a fantastic reason.So, he dealt with everyone like they were—and he didn’t realize that other men were intimidated by him. but his mind could always be changed by a good argument.He had no idea that he was intimidating, he just projected that—the signals were their own language.

Practicing MMA or Jiu Jitzu helps you understand exactly that.The problem is cognitive bias—we think everyone approaches the world the same way we do.Once we understand that is not the case, we can work on changing our approach.If you need some great recipes so you can become the kind of cook the opposite sex adores, then hop over and grab a copy of The Fat Burning Chef today.It has all you need to look like a pro in the kitchen with simple and delicious recipes that will make the perfect centerpiece to your next “date night.” Discover how to drop fat with chocolate, bacon, and cheesecake.

PLUS, Tucker tells us how he applied his dating advice to the business world to make really profound changes in his own life.

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