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A former teen idol, Furlong won Saturn and MTV Movie Awards for his breakthrough performance as John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).

The following year he gave an Independent Spirit Award-nominated turn opposite Jeff Bridges in American Heart, and earned a second Saturn Award nomination for his work in Pet Sematary Two.

He played the lead role of Michael Brower, a horror and videogame-obsessed teen in the 1994 film Brainscan.

once you've opened it up to recreational use of course you're running the risk of addiction (to anything really, booze, food, whatever) but most people who use drugs don't get addicted. we were all sitting around doing one of those q&a games and the question was "what is the one thing you'd do if there were no consequences" and he answered without a hesitation "cocaine".

He reprised his role as John Connor in the international Universal Studios parks attraction T2 3-D: Battle Across Time (1996).

Furlong briefly pursued a singing career, releasing a 1991 album, Hold on Tight, which was only sold in Japan.

Monica's mining career began at age 12 when her father, Tony, placed her in a front-end loader and said, "Figure it out.

I'll come and get you in an hour." Luckily, Monica got the hang of it quickly; moving scoops of tailings all over the family mine.

What gets me about the casual talk is that even if you take that shit recreational with no problems, its still heavy shit and i can't look past that in a cute acedotal way tbh. They can just be bad news in the hands of someone with a predisposition for addiction.

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