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RID=2463 Like the story of many phenomenal industry successes, the entrepreneurial Fleming had a keen interest in innovative technology and marketing – and took many lengthy trips abroad to investigate these aspects.With the completely modernised plant the company was now producing the whitest, finest flour on the market – not mention the most.Anyway, nobody else looking at this would bother, but I could see the potential to patch it back together digitally and restore it and so it was won for a nominal price with no interest at all from other parties.

It wasn’t until around 1913 when she moved to Auckland to work for agency account – and seemingly in the very early 1920s came up with the idea of the little character to bolster sales of the product.

However as early as 1915 he appears in a newspaper advertisement with one of his signature chirpy poems, so from then on the boy soldier with a big appetite for porridge became the mascot, and was plastered on various merchandise from board games to bowls – of which there is a series of him participating in different types of sports – now highly collectable and the rarer ones going for quite high prices amongst collectors: “Breakfast tables throughout the nation were presided over by Sergeant Dan, the Creamoata Man.

With his digger’s hat, he was the picture of what a plate of porridge could do for a kid.

He didn’t waste any time and immediately established a grocery business in Woolston, Christchurch (the site is now the south-west comer of what is now Edmond and Randolph Streets ) where he began by manufacturing sherbet.

It wasn’t long before he was carefully listening to the complaints about other products on the market such as the unreliability of the available baking powder brands (it was first invented by chemist Alfred Bird of Looking around for ideas to boost business, and thinking he could most likely do better, he started experimenting out the back of his shop to create a superior product to others that were on the market – amongst them It wasn’t long before he presented his own product with the first 200 tins going on sale before the year was out.

Next he offered a free cookbook to any housewife that wrote in asking for a copy.

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