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Neither of them are airing on Vuzu in October - in fact, 10 Over 10's been made exclusively for Vuzu Amp so both shows have been ripped away from Vuzu and Compact viewers! As for what we can expect from the other shows on Vuzu Amp ...here's a first look at the line-up from the highlights for the month: Episode 1 - Take Your Pick After Hattie's date is abruptly ended by Linda's annoying presence, she bans Linda from being home on Friday and Saturday nights.

There was the usual crude and creative humor as well inappropriate sexuality to make another great Apatow team production.

Both channels will only be available on the Premium bouquet, on channels 114 (Vuzu Amp) and 102 (M-Net Edge).

As you'll see, Vuzu Amp's line-up includes new seasons of two notable Vuzu channel shows: the South African celebrity series 10 Over 10 and Project Runway.

When the shot pans back to Sarah her wine glass is half-full again.

See more » This film was shown at my university tonight and Stoller was there for a Q&A after the screening.

The heavy emotional weight and issues in "Knocked up" are not present in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

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