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Karrine Steffans has a vivid imagination and is likely to imagine the most wonderful things, but she may over-idealize and tend to expect too much of love relationships.

Karrine tries to escape unpleasant experiences through fantasy and deception.

Even-tempered and peace loving, she is not easily ruffled and is rarely given to emotional displays.

Karrine Steffans has a calming effect on more high-strung or volatile people, and an emotional steadiness that others find soothing.

Though gentle and not easily provoked, Steffans is tremendously stubborn and resists any change that requires an emotional adjustment, such as changes in her home life or marriage.

Karrine Steffans seeks security and loyalty in love relationships, is extremely devoted to her loved ones and provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere for them.

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Being engaged in creative or artistic work can also satisfy her very strong desire for love and beauty.Though he does his best to not speak on the women he deals with, Steffans wrote about their drawn out history in her first book, "Confessions of a Video Vixen," released in 2006, and it seems like the two will never close that chapter no matter who is in the picture. They do what they want, how they want, when they want, and with whom they want. Because of this, be careful when pouring expectations into people. The next person has theirs and they all tend to repeat.For the past several months, Milian seems to be Wayne's newest girlfriend. But not every palm tree or personal truth belongs to you. We all have a history but look at a person's patterns. Know the difference between being one option on a very long list of options and being the one and only.Steffans also has a deeply ingrained tendency to want to improve or "fix" other people's lives, which can be annoying to the person who has no desire to be changed or "helped" in this way.For Karrine, affection and caring must be expressed in tangible acts of some kind.

Karrine Steffans has a rich, colorful, dreamy imagination and a refined sense of beauty.

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