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How do you go from a quirky tale about unplanned teenage pregnancy to a gory tale about a cannibalistic, demonic teen? (It almost sounds like a sequel.) It’s somewhat surprising for Kusama to be directing a horror film, though; her last movie was , Michelle Rodriguez got out of jail this week, but I’ll save that for another post.)I’m glad Cody’s not going to limit herself to a particular style of film or a particular audience.

After all, she’s unconventional in all sorts of ways, and it’s serving her well so far.

The untitled show is to center around Marion Lolo, a synchronized swimmer with 26 medals to her name, as well as “one restraining order against her and zero friends.” Might something happen in Marion’s life to shake up those social difficulties?

If the creative alliance behind this show tells us anything, it’s that stranger things have happened.

That initial stumble-upon by the talent agent led to the publication of a memoir, could be awesome.

I love it when smart women work with other smart women — whether that work is gory, quirky or whatever else.

I managed to get every person, quirk and object that has meaning in my life into the script. I didn't want it to be generic."Juno was the surprise hit of the Toronto Film Festival in September, but since then much of the credit for its success must go to the photogenic, exuberant and ever-quotable Cody.

I’m just so darn glad Cody has found a job getting paid to write how she feels.

What’s so wrong about hearing a funny woman geek out over things that she loves? And women have too; they just haven’t always gotten paid for it.

Not only has it become the number-one film in the US, fending off National Treasure: Book of Secrets and the Will Smith blockbuster I Am Legend.

It has also earned a total of six Bafta and Oscar nominations, including nods on both sides of the Atlantic for her (for original screenplay) and young star Ellen Page (for best actress).

Cody herself was characteristically sarcastic about the female-bonding stuff in a recent And because she is the new broad in town, studios are sending her any and all projects that star a woman. Meanwhile, Cody might not be doing as much writing online from now on.

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