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Guinness is generally quite tiny too, when taken down off that pedestal, and a little childlike.

There's an innocence, a genuine concern, a rollicking enthusiasm rather than the jaded insouciance so common in fashion's higher echelons.

“Oh, you’re a scarlet woman for a bit, but you get over it,” Guinness said.

Speaking to me at a summer party held by Ronnie Wood, the Rolling Stones guitarist, at the Castle Gallery in Mayfair, the socialite says she is not bitter that Lévy is sticking with his wife. His first wife was Isabelle Doutreluigne, with whom he has a daughter, the best-selling novelist Justine Lévy.

For someone seen as a dedicated follower of fashion, Guinness is somewhat dismissive of the business at large. But I don't think fashion, because it has become so much of a business, is that interesting."Transformation was the reason Guinness was originally drawn to clothing.

It has certainly worked: images of her from the mid-Eighties show a mousey, Chanel-suited teenager.

She claimed that Dombasle, a French-American, who is best known for her appearances in the Eighties television series Miami Vice and Lace, was “in denial” about their relationship.

"I wanted to conceal myself," she says, somewhat obliquely in a measured, quiet voice, when discussing her first interests in clothing.

Her words echo those of her friend Isabella Blow, who often self-deprecatingly declared that she wore her outlandish headgear to distract people's attention from her face.

In 2010, three years after Blow's suicide, Guinness purchased her entire wardrobe, previously offered at individual auction.

An exhibition of choice pieces was staged last year at London's Somerset House, to wide acclaim.

Genius is childhood recovered at will, said Charles Baudelaire.

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