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However, at 34 years old, she thought it necessary to open up, for the first time, about a relationship that almost killed her. Get rid of this crap by registering your own SA Forums Account and joining roughly 150,000 Goons, for the one-time price of .95!We charge money because it costs us ,400 per month for bandwidth bills alone, and since we don't believe in shoving popup ads to our registered users, we try to make the money back through forum registrations.Talking about staying in shape, Christina previously told Shape magazine: 'I have to work out because in my family we don't have those great genes where you can just eat whatever you want and stay skinny.'When I'm really trying to get in shape for a role or going on the road, I work out six days a week, sometimes twice a day.'I'll do 20 minutes of jogging on the treadmill, 20 minutes of squats and light weights and another 20 minutes of ab exercises.

But there was no rest for the wicked on Friday, as Christina Milian prepared for a festive blowout.

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