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In the film, Jimmy revealed everything about Sadie's plots, her alliance with Cain and the state of their marriage.

A triumphant Charity burst into Jimmy's birthday party and told everyone present that they'd been having an affair, much to the fury of Sadie and the King family.

Sick of being rejected by Jimmy, Sadie began an affair with local mechanic Robert Sugden (Karl Davies) – who couldn’t believe his luck.She had no intention of losing everything - while she knew her marriage was beyond saving, Sadie launched a bid to get back into the family business.Enlisting Cain's help again, Sadie purchased land the Kings wanted for their development and blackmailed her way back into the company.Employing a private detective to trail Charity, Sadie bribed her relative and lover Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) to get Charity in a compromising position.With Tom already unable to contain his jealousy over Charity, Sadie put in the final dose of poison by giving him the incriminating photos on his wedding day.

Her love life might have been complicated, but Sadie's big interest was money.

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