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I think next to The Wicker Man, this is the worst movie to catch my eyes in a long time.

Not that I can email the producer and tell him I want my hour and a half back....

For the last five years, I've had a single dream of a world that doesn't exist, of a world where you can see the sun.

That 'evil' comes in the form of Reed, his ninja henchmen ...

You know the acting thing and modeling and now the singing and I’m writing and I’m also producing. You know I mean I’m like “woo-hoo, I’m changing the world in these blue high heels and a string bikini,” you know.

Not that I’m not grateful; I am very grateful for the opportunities that were afforded me.

And so by becoming this perfectionist person it has shaped me as a human being and it has taken me many, many years for me to say that wasn’t perfect, but it’s okay, it’s good enough.

I mean I used to just get so tense to the point where I had a bleeding ulcer just wanting to please everyone; wanting to make sure that…like I don’t think that I have ever been late for a job in the 12, 13 years that I’ve been doing this.

I know that sounds really deep coming from an actress/model but my mom used to say “you know you can’t change the world, I don’t know why you worry so much about other people and trying to help” and I’m like “but you can, I know you can.” Maybe not like millions at a time, like maybe just a few people at a time.

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