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She is part of a Minecraft family of sorts along with Stacy Plays, Stampy, i Ballistic Squid, Mousie Mouse and Salems Lady.Amy Lee33 also known as 'Amy Lee' or just 'Amy' is a You Tube gaming commentator, who accompanies Stacy in their minecraft Candy Isle Series and are good friends.Minecraft gamer on You Tube who was signed by Disney's Maker Studios.Her Minecraft and Sims adventures have helped her earn more than 1 million subscribers.It all started about a year ago when she started playing a popular computer game called Minecraft.To the uninitiated it looks like building a virtual world with futuristic Lego blocks, but to devotees it is clearly rather more sophisticated.She launched her amyleethirty3 channel in June of 2013 and accumulated more than 500,000 subscribers in just a year and a half. She has a second channel, called Amy's World, that she uses as more of a vlogging platform.

To properly launch the channel, she released her first ever video with Stampy in Stampy's Lovely World while playing games in the Funland.And more than just a gamer, Amy has proved that she’s here to stay by creating a secondary channel that focuses on vlogs and mini adventures.She sure does stand as a testament to the fact that Amy Lee33 deserves all fame and spotlight and will surely go on to make it bigger!She is a happy, cheerful girl, with a bubbly personality.She is also a Minecraft player, but also plays roblox and other games. Amy Lee33 is where she publishes Minecraft videos while Amy's World is where she publishes real life vlogs, Minecraft clips, and random things.

“You can do what you want with the game, your only limitation is your own imagination.

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