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Tuleh’s sunny creative director loves getting dressed! It’s a sweet three-day-per-week gig whose responsibilities include choosing fabrics, giving opinions on proposed designs and a lot of going out and- oops! “It really never occurs to me.” She was wearing a delicate black-and-white, hyacinth-patterned blouse made of the same fabric as the jacket’s lining-Tuleh, of course. In 2000, she cracked Vogue’s list of “100 Women of Style.” Editor at large André Leon Talley dressed her in a huge black Tuleh ball gown. Brooks kept the dress, storing it on her couch, Holly Golightly style, when it didn’t fit in her closet. Bradley’s intimate uptown apartment to a larger studio downtown, near her apartment on the Lower East Side (hello, have you people ever heard of the F train?

Socialite, supermom and new fashion pioneer Amanda Brooks, 29, formerly the muse of the beloved society clothing line Tuleh, has schmoozed or oozed her way into the position of its creative director, without any formal fashion training. Brooks, a golden-haired, blue-eyed mother of two, maintains a sort of innocent “who, me? “I don’t think about being photographed when I go out,” she said the other day at Café Lebowitz. Brooks for the job of reinventing the brand of accessories. “I guess that’s how I socialize-a little bit uptown and a little bit downtown.” She was excited about the Neue Gallery benefit with the Lauders on the following night. “But the next night, I might be at a movie or home with the kids or eating here.” Inside her strappy red Chloé bag, a cell phone rang, and the new-millennial supermommy took a quick call about breast-feeding her newborn.

But Carpenter may have already moved out of the home they share in Nyack, which probably isn't a good sign. When the "Real Housewife" appeared at the opening of "Memphis" on Broadway the other night, she arrived 30 minutes late and with an entourage in tow and disrupted audience members when they moved into their seats. [over-entitled LA Lakers fandom that caused Alex von Furstenberg, heir to Barry Diller's fortune, to think that (attempted) public shaming was the best reaction to a basketball star pursuing his fiancee. The shaved-headed socialite, Diane von Furstenberg's son by her first gay husband, will still inherit a large part of his adoring stepfather's fortune.

She attended Horace Mann, Deerfield and then Brown, where she roomed with designer Carolina Herrera’s daughter Patricia, double-majoring in art history and the visual arts. “It’s shocking and humbling to be thrust into New York City at the bottom of the totem pole,” she said.

[P6] • It may be over for the most famous lesbian couple in America, Rosie O' Donnell and Kelli Carpenter.

Rosie acknowledges the two are having "issues" and says they're trying to work things out. There's one person apart from shareholder John Malone who stands to lose when IAC is broken up: Alex von Furstenberg, adopted son of the internet conglomerate's boss, Barry Diller.

When I travel, I crave new experiences and discoveries.

My earliest travel memory is going to Italy by car and discovering the Italian culture.

She was born in London in 1968 and like Pia, went to boarding school in Switzerland. Fun Fact: Prince William is Prince Constantine’s godfather, while King Constantine (below in the glasses) is one of Princes William’s godfathers.

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