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He acted in several undergraduate productions, often to campus-wide acclaim.Upon graduating in 1991 with a history degree, Norton moved to Japan where he worked for his grandfather's company, Enterprise Foundation, a business devoted to establishing international low-income housing.I think Marlon got boxed-in to a limited expositional role.I loved watching the way he went about keeping it somewhat fresh for himself.” Brando’s method fascinated the younger actor.

“The phrase ‘the Method’ got badly misused and misunderstood,” Norton said.

“[Philip Seymour] Hoffman and I used to say ‘Are we more square than they are?

’ I felt like I hardly knew anyone who had the reputation of these great enfant terribles of the stage.

Luckily for everyone at the festival, Norton made some time to talk with storied New York film critic David Edelstein to a crowd of 500 or so people, where he dug into some of his influences and brought up some academic criticisms of acting as an art form today.

READ MORE: Edward Norton Discusses the Collaborative Process in Highlights from Locarno Film Festival Panel Here are five takeaways from his talk.

It was not until his return to New York in 1994 that Norton decided to put all other interests aside and devote his energy and intelligence to acting., and subsequently earned a place in the New York Signature Theater Company.

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