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In what is perhaps the most confusing Twitter feud of all time, Janoskians bandmates and twin brothers Jai and Luke Brooks got into a little tiff on social media.This tweet seems to be what started the whole thing, but we’re not actually sure WTF Ari’s ex was talking about: Not gonna lie, we need your help on this one.Aside from their original and main channel, "Janoskians," they have three additional channels where they regularly post videos: "Janoskians Blog," "Dare Sundays," and "Twin Talk Time." The Janoskians also credit Twitter and Facebook for their success; Each member of the group has over a million followers on Twitter, and all of them use it, along with Facebook, to regularly and directly interact with their fans.Their first video was uploaded in September 2011., The Janoskians have been criticised for their reckless, dangerous and juvenile behaviour, and pushing their boundaries too far.On 22 February 2014, The Janoskians organised a meet-up in Times Square, New York.20,000 fans arrived, hoping to meet the group to get autographs.First they were obsessed with each other for a few months, then then broke up and he called her a cheater, THEN they moved past that drama and got back together, and finally they called it quits for good after he “broke her heart” when her grandpa died. It’s been almost two glorious years since any more Jariana drama has happened (thank goodness), and we really thought the pair was done dragging each other.

The follow up single "Best Friends" reached number 30 in Australia also charting in New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK.

It all started when Jai tweeted Luke joking about taking the one good thing about him away (whatever that means).

But when a fan tweeted Jai lightheartedly making fun of him for not having a girlfriend when Luke does, Jai responded, "I don't get how this is a good thing."That's when Luke seemed to bring Ariana into the spat, and not in a good way.

The Janoskians had scheduled a meet and greet at the Wet Seal store in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on 13 October 2013.

The group expected only a few hundred people, but when thousands of fans arrived, the event was cancelled and the mall was evacuated.

The Janoskians have completed two world tours in 20, as well as a sold out one-off show at Wembley Arena, London in 2015.

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