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The tune quickly became a rallying cry for American troops.

The president was in the Roosevelt Room to sign a proclamation 76 years after the fateful day that catapulted America into the Second World War. 'After a staffer motioned to Ganitch for his big moment, he burst into song.'Remember Pearl Harbor, as you go to meet the foe.

In just 90 minutes on December 7, 1941, more than 2,400 American servicemen and civilians died while 17 ships were damaged or lost during a Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; the USS California and USS Oklahoma are shown in a newly colorized photograph Trump recalled that American servicemen and allies shared 'one great battle cry' as they fought the Axis powers: "Remember Pearl Harbor".''Have you heard that before, a couple of times? Just remember Pearl Harbor, as we did the Alamo,' Ganitch intoned.'We shall always remember how they died for liberty. 'Ganitch, clad in a Hawaiian shirt and his military ribbons, was one of six surviving Pearl Harbor veterans to visit with Trump on Thursday.

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