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Some people may feel stifled by society's repressive attitudes towards sexuality, and may welcome the opportunity to form friendships and a new social network with people of like mind.

Others may simply feel that sex should be a natural possibility in any friendship in which there is mutual attraction, and so appreciate the relative open-mindedness and pleasure-positivity with which the swinging community views this subject.

While many guys are keen to try the scene almost as soon as they're out of their adolescence, women usually wait until their mid-twenties or later. People may be attracted to the swinging community for a variety of different reasons.

Many couples find the thought of having sex with other people to be very arousing, and may find that swinging becomes a catalyst for improving their own sex lives and relationship.

Swingers parties can be "on-premises" (which means that one may interact sexually with others at that event) or "off-premises" (which means that one would generally go back to the home or hotel room of other couples for sex, after deciding to do so at the event).

A party such as 'DEBAUCHERY' is an on-premises party, while SAINTS AND SINNERS is officially an off-premises event.

In the past, the swinging community has been somewhat unaware of or confused by alternative sexual practices such as B&D/S&M.

Singles (mostly single guys) can also become involved to a limited degree.

Swingers in Australia, along with most other English speaking countries, dates back to the 1950's.

In the USA an umbrella organisation called the North American Swing Club Association (NASCA) was formed to promote accurate information about the lifestyle all across the country, but in Australia and New Zealand there is no single group that promotes on behalf of the whole industry.

Swingers (otherwise known as "the lifestyle" or "the scene") can take a variety of different forms.

Some women may find the swinging community to be a welcome dose of sanity.

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