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The reports explain that one of the women contacted Shiraishi via Twitter in late September, seeking a partner for a suicide pact and saying she was afraid to die alone.

The two were recorded by security cameras walking together outside railway stations near her residence and the suspect's apartment on October 23, the reports added.

He moved to the flat in Zama, a southwestern suburb of Tokyo, on August 22 and contacted victims by tweeting that he would help their suicide plans, the Mainichi Shimbun daily reported.

He is reported to have told investigators that he killed his victims 'as soon as he met them' and then 'did some work on the bodies' to cover up his alleged crimes.In February, he was arrested and eventually handed a suspended jail sentence for recruiting a young woman for a sex shop in the full knowledge that she would be pressed into prostitution.Several people tweeted about a 'creepy scout', with one person apparently employed in the same business as the suspect posting a photo of him with the caption: 'Watch out for this scout.'Shiraishi appeared to have a close relationship with his father, a designer of automobile parts, after his mother and younger sister left to live closer to the girl's school in central Tokyo.The Mainichi Shimbun has also reported that two of the corpses found in his home showed signs of choking.Shiraishi is believed to have told police that money was among his reasons for committing the murders, explaining that he took £3,400 from one victim.

A Japanese serial murderer who lured suicidal young people to his home before killing and dismembering them used a Twitter profile called 'hanging pro' to snag his victims.

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