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Sometimes too much choice can be detrimental to your closing rate.

To put this in context, there are close to 50 products listed on this ecommerce site.

Load the page from the start to see the worthless scroll of images. If it were just the multi-colored navigation bar than this site might not be that bad.

However, add in a header that is all over the place and you start to see the problem with the site.

Use that instead to talk about the benefits of the website. You might not be able to tell from the image, but the flashing header may cause seizures before the repair your bones and joints.

Plus, not exactly sure what the benefit is of having an image of cafeteria at the top of the page.

Finally, the website has too much information to figure out what your next steps should be on the site.

The benefit of an ecommerce site is you can display a number of different products to customers.

Next, examine the atrocious yellow background mixed in with a lot of red text. Put it all together, and as the website url states you have a big, ugly website.Keep in mind this site helps people keep harmony in their life through Feng Shui.Yet, the owners feel cluttering the header conveys that message?However, when someone packages that ugliness for other websites to buy, Design Z23 takes it to another level.When your website has nothing below the navigation tab, it is not a good sign.

From a conversion standpoint this website is a disaster. Only 3% of people presented with 24 flavors purchased.

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