Ways to be intimidating

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Does anyone really know what you think, or do you keep it to yourself?Being halfway there or ambivalent when it comes to too many things doesn't really inspire a ton of confidence in you or let others think you have a larger personality.Rocking a look that's a bit out there gives off a confidence that doesn't come by easily.So take big style risks, wear heels around short guys, who cares. Source: i Stock You don't have to be loud IRL for this to really pay off.Are you constantly curling yourself into a ball by slouching or folding your body over? Take a note from the dudes who take up two seats on public transportation for no reason and let your body occupy space.

I had no idea flying solo made anyone seem intimidating until my friend pointed out that she felt that way about me.I told her it made me feel like a bit of a loser, but she said that the fact that I was secure enough to go places alone was actually intimidating.Apparently, not falling apart when you're by yourself and others are coupled up is rare, and people look at it in a more positive light than what I initially thought. Source: i Stock Trust me on this and try this rule.In general, when a man is thought of as intimidating, people believe he’s doing something right – he’s in control in a good way.When a woman is thought of that way, it often accompanies words like “bitch” and “annoying.” You know what? Be confident instead of self-conscious, and throw people off with that confidence instead of keeping to yourself.

Whether it's in class, online (aka typed out, shy girls), or just telling your friend you don't like tomatoes so you don't have to eat something you know you're not going to like when you're over her house.

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