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MISSING UNLOCKABLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are two mysterious parts of the game of which it's unknown hoe to unlock them.

A Golden Line stays open after finding generally all of them with both characters.

For questions and/or remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can also use the contact address below.

Only serious questions of which the answer isn't already in this file will be responded to.

Permission can be asked using the contact address below, but is not guaranteed.

REQUIREMENTS FOR UNLOCKING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The walktgrough covers both characters, Brett and Becky.

It is mentioned when you unlock an item or image, but with images that sometimes depends on how many items you've collected and that in turn is connected to the levels you've completed with both characters in certain ways.

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And most important we have 3 other walkthroughs for Sprung, read them all!

--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 2 | G A M E | --- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 1 | REVIEW | A review for this game written by me can be found at ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 2 | STORY | Brett and Becky are spending there winter sports holiday on Snowbird Mountain with a lot of male and female friends.

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