Vb validating prevent focus change

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NUMERIC check in COBOL Import excel into mainframe file.

Batch job submission using FTP what is the difference between IMS/DC and CICS Connect Direct to transfer a file from mainframe to Unix COBOL File status code 35 DB2 Codd's rules What are S222, S322, S722 errors DB2 Certification Guidelines Current Date/Time thru JCL without writing any pgm.

Difference b/w JCLLIB and PROCLIB Making a shift from developers profile to Mainframe Testing What are the different procopt options used in IMS Commands in Expediter Abend due to Disp parameter DISP=(, CATLG) how to find the number of limits in gdg...

JCL to copy a GDG (all generations) to another GDG Future for DEVELOPER in MAINFRAME Technology How to sum a particular field from a input dataset Any Rexx program to ftp a dataset from mainframe to pc File Transfer PC to Mainframe Error code 305 while executing an SQL command What will happen if empty vsam file is opened for input How to send mail using JCL Announcing the 'Member of Month' for August - 2006 -805 Sql Code when accessing DB2 table u4087 Abend - not able to resolve. System or user abend S878 R=00000010 was issued Zero Suppression in Cobol Abending with USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 REASON CODE=00000000 Internal table: Occurs depending on Clause Keywords in JCL ABEND=S04E U0000 REASON=00E40009 What is NEWCOPY in CICS What Women Want in Men Overriding a SAS DDname Can space allocated for a PDS be increased?

VSAM file opening file status 39 JCL to submit 3 jobs one after another How to resolve S013 abend How to catalog an uncataloged dataset Why COMP-1 and COMP-2 dont hav picture clause Conversion from FBA to FB Need information about Objectstar(HURON) File Status 47 in VSAM File Special names in Cobol Code.

File transfer to PC without using FTP cobol string concatination Share your best REXX tool concepts HOw to copy spool output into datasets?

Need Solution for S0C1 Abend Usage and functions of IKJEFT01 JOIN paired, Unpaired JCL To Execute A REXX Program Copy Members for One PDS to another Count no of records in a file using SORT FTP error Return Code = 27000, Error Code = 00007 How to fix S322 ABEND File status 90: When opening the file -904 DB2 error with DSNTEP2 utility How to find and handle SOC7 error 4038 ABEND when Calling a CICS/DB2 program Difference between Cobol CALL and CICS LINK / XCTL List the companies who deal with mainframes INCLUDE condition in SYNCSORT VSAM overflow, error code 28. What is DB2 Bind and what does it do RECORD OUT OF SEQUENCE error on VSAM KSDS file..

Variable length file in cobol System abend '0E37' - Space problem FTP Transfer from PC to Mainframe Load Utility error in DB2 Delete the datasets through JCL Syncsort - sort, ZD to PD, sum PD, PD to ZD, Build output Try to Crack How to display a panel using REXX How to solve SE37 ABEND?

Restore the tape file IKJ56500I COMMAND ISREIRTI NOT FOUND Need help in updating a dataset USING REXX How much bytes do S9(7)V99 COMP-3 occupy?Other way to make a new copy for CICS programs Query: Coding DCB=*. while opening a file in EDIT mode it says BROWSE substituted COBOL using XML Parser Return-code from COBOL to JCL How to get julian date from given date U0260 abend while passing data from IMS screen into pgm Fetch Last Record in DB2 Table using SQL Query How to Read a input file line by line and write 2 an output Capture SPUFI result in a dataset Difference bw DISP=(new,pass,delete) and DSN=&&temp Run 2 JCLs using a single JOB Multiple Value declaration in cobol for variable Help with unsuccessful sort abend message Expanding a copybook called in cobol using clist Access the "LAST CHANGED TIME" of a member in PDS How to copy the contents of a PDS to PS File IEBGENER vs SORT ISREDIT macro command doubt How to set 'LOW-VALUE' , 'HIGH-VALUE' to a numeric type how to execute steps randomly Binary conversion to Decimal - Number of bytes required.sending Mail through JCL How can we set SSRANGE compiler option in COBOL Can I declare S9(19) in cobol Maximum value COMP can store how to plan and use sysrexx?) How to pass data thru COMMAREA more than 64kb Can I dynamically change an File DDNAME in COBOL?Override PARM in PROC from JCL Any way to find the success of NDM How to get the COMMAND line on top of screen in SDSF menu?? SYNCSORT Copying a VB file using OUTREC Error in Run jcl replacing characters using Syncsort 04E - 00E40071 Automated Screen Refresh after every 20 secs ADRDSSU : Restoring files on different volser from one tape please help me, with my program cobol jcl in zos 1.6 ispf Introducing "MASTER MAINFRAMES" Site CD Version 4 How to use Include and exclude/Omit condition in same step ?

How to Validate DATE field in cobol program How to use DSNTIAUL in jcl to fetch data from table.

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