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Mono Rail differs from the standard Web Forms way of development as it enforces separation of concerns; controllers just handle application flow, models represent the data, and the view is just concerned about presentation logic.

Consequently, you write less code and end up with a more maintainable application.

Availability: Web snapshot The first version of NPlot-Gtk was made by Miguel de Icaza, and was a wrapper of NPlot A library for reading and writing metadata from audio files. daap-sharp is a DAAP (Digial Audio Access Protocol) implementation. This means it should be nearly as portable as mono itself. NET is still in development and not yet ready for production use. NET component for displaying upload progress and streaming uploads to storage.

Now the wrapper of version has just an NPlot upgrade and a few hacks over the work of Miguel (Carlos) This version of NPlot has been extended to support Gtk# on Linux. It is used by Apple’s i Tunes software to share music. Supports the Zero Conf/Bonjour protocol using mdnsdresponder or Avahi. MWF’s color dialog box Wiki: Win Forms This is part of the standard Mono distribution. The API is not complete enough for many tasks, so developers (in particular third-party developers that provide custom controls) resort to use the underlying Win32 subsystem on Windows to provide features which are not exposed by Windows. In some cases it is necessary to provide support for the Wndproc method and the various messages associated with it, and support extra functionality available in Win32 through P/Invoke, as well as exposing and sharing various kinds of handles (fonts, drawing contexts, drawing surfaces, windows). There are two levels of conformance in this API: The full Windows. NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1, and the subset exposed by the Compact Framework. NET is a cross-platform graphical user interface toolkit, application framework and desktop environment based on Cairo and the . It is written primarily in Boo, however code contributions will be accepted in other languages (e.g. It is GPLv2 licensed, so it can only be used for open source software. In a few words, Jayrock allows clients, typically Java Script in web pages, to be able to call into server-side methods using JSON as the wire format and JSON-RPC as the procedure invocation protocol. Visual Web Gui is a web application development framework.

This is used when you need to interact with the hardware.

For example Banshee uses this to detect new media (reading and burning). DBus Sharp is an implementation of the DBus protocol for managed languages.

GTK# action with i Folder Hompepage: Wiki: Gtk Sharp This toolkit is a . It is in active development, and there are various applications in the Mono world that use it (Monodoc, Monocov, Mono’s Debugger and various smaller applications, a more complete list is available on the Gtk# Wiki.

Platforms: Unix, Windows, GPE, Mac OS X (using the X server).

NET controls and/or writing tons of javascript code. NET remoting and publish or consume remote objects. Addins is a generic framework for creating extensible applications, and for creating libraries which extend those applications.Availability: Web snapshot This library provides access to the Mozilla rendering engine with Gtk using the Gtk Moz Embed widget: Availability: Web snapshot Bindings to the Gtk Source View widget, this widget is typically used for writing programmer editors.Availability: Web snapshot This library provides access to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) from Free Desktop.The Tao Framework is a collection of bindings to facilitate cross-platform media application development utilizing the . It provides bindings to numerous media libraries: Ogre Dot Net is a set of Binding and CIL Wrapper dlls for Ogre3D and related projects, targeting the . Which means you can use all of OGRE’s functionality with any of the . Zed Graph Zed Graph is a set of classes, written in C#, for creating 2D line and bar graphs of arbitrary datasets. Regardless of language, each library features the same API and the same functionality.NET languages Ogre is popular open-source graphics rendering engine, and has been used in a large number of production projects, in such diverse areas as games, simulators, educational software, interactive art, scientific visualisation, and others. NET and Mono binding to Irrlicht, a 3D graphics engine that can be used to create complex animations. The classes provide a high degree of flexibility – almost every aspect of the graph can be user-modified. NET library that enables the creation of high-performance parallel applications that can be deployed on multi-threaded workstations and Windows clusters. NET provides access to the Message Passing Interface (MPI) in C# and all of the other . MPI is a standard for message-passing programs that is widely implemented and used for high-performance parallel programs that execute on clusters and supercomputers. All versions also have comprehensive test harnesses.

Availability: Web snapshot webkit-sharp provides access to Web Kit, a fast, high-quality web browser engine suited for embedding in GTK applications.

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