Vanessa and chuck dating dating demystified

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By hanging out with playboy (and Chuck Bass enemy) Carter, Blair seemed to be on a fast track to rehab.

From all night partying to stealing designer sunglasses, it was clear that Blair needed some help. But even though they gave Carter a one-way ticket out of the Upper East Side, Blair was still set on ruining her life.

Makes sense because Dan just told Serena she isn’t “irrelevant” (her gradation label) and never will be “no offense Dan, but we’re no match for Chuck and Blair.”- Eric “I’ve picked up a few skills over the few years.

Then, when he passed up a summer of back packing with her for an internship in the mayor’s office, it was clear that he and Vanessa were done. Later, Nate found Blair alone and scared and the two reminisced about their former romance and it was obvious there’s still a spark between the two.

Unless tips were automatically posted he would have known.

And if writers planned on Dan being GG, they wouldn’t show him looking at the site so much Dan sees Serena with the pregnancy test on GG **Dan posts the tip Chuck sends to GG even though he promises Serena “he didn’t tell anyone” about Blair sleeping with Chuck.

(Also this is before they even hookup) -also Dan again doesn’t have a phone but this time bc miss Carr makes everyone hand them in before school (Dorota brings Blair one) right after Lilly and Dan get into a fight about Serena going to the Oscoff Center, GG sends out a blast about what happened to Serena and convinces Lilly that Serena really did get messed up and needs help…

The opposite of what Dan wanted Charlie takes a video of Dan and Blair kissing and GG posts it, but this isn’t a “real kiss” it’s just so no one finds out about her and the prince.

But if you watch the whole series in full and take notes (like any normal person would) you find the writers didn’t plan on announcing Dan as GG, because if they did there wouldn’t be as many inconsistencies.

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