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I'm an author myself, but for now, I choose not to publish anything, and I hate to promote/ advertise anything of mine.

I'm not willing to watch the entire season of a, to be outrageously honest here, terrible manga and anime. I should have made backups (which I also did), but I should have put it in a seperate hard drive just in case. I usually just get bored in the middle and never make it to the end but this game kept me hooked on till the very end! ALL THE FILES THAT I HAD DIED ALONG WITH MY LAPTOP. Lol, now that I play this all over again and compare it to my newer work, Beru is such a sue. Besides it takes at least an hour at least to upload into DA. I believe about 10,000 on powerpoint, but I will soon transfer the game into Ren Py, so 10,000 lines then. I know plenty of guys (guys with girlfriends for that matter) who actively enjoy the franchise all on their own! And yes I know I should have added more interactive crap, but I realized I had a limit on the bytes I could load on DA. There were also a many times I would chuckle and then there were times I would straight-out laugh.This game at 1st follow the anime but during some event it will start to change based your answer.. Now, you can vote for your favorite games and allow them to have their moment of glory.

Batman (Bruce Wayne) takes him in as a legal ward (retconned as an adopted son in some cases) and the crime-fighting partner Robin.

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