Validating constraints and oracle

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Get Parent Chain returns a collection of activities that contains all of the activities between the current activity and the root activity.Get Child Subtree provides a collection of activities that contains the child activities in a recursive pattern, and Get Workflow Tree gets all the activities in the workflow.This topic provides an overview of using declarative constraints to provide activity validation.A constraint is an activity that contains validation logic.Thus, you can create the FOREIGN KEY constraints every night, after performing the ETL process, as shown in the following: ENABLE NOVALIDATE can quickly create an enforced constraint, even when the constraint is believed to be true.

It ensures that the other table already has a primary or unique key constraint on the corresponding columns.This constraint activity can be authored in code or in XAML.After a constraint activity is created, activity authors add this constraint to the Constraints property of the activity to validate, or they use the constraint to provide additional validation by using the Additional Constraints property of a Validation Settings instance.Declarative constraints provide a powerful method of validation for an activity and its relationships with other activities.Constraints are configured for an activity during the authoring process, but additional constraints can also be specified by the workflow host.

The validation logic can consist of simple validations such as validating an activity’s metadata, but it can also perform validation that takes into account the relationship of the current activity to its parent, children, and sibling activities.

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