Validating blackberry email

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If you are choosing to add a non-google account to Black Berry Hub you may be asked to enter additional settings, or confirm settings that were automatically populated.These settings are only available from your email service provider (Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) or your IT Administrator/Help Desk.Using this option will result in the application or game data being deleted permanently – this includes all local files, settings, accounts, databases, etc. WARNING: Before using this option please ensure you make a record of any important information and backup any data you would like to retain from the specific app or game.Some apps or games may offer cloud based backup solutions so take advantage of those options before using the Clear Data option.This option will also temporarily stop any background services that are accessing this app or game which may help resolve the issue.Proceed to test and, should the issue still occur, move to the next step Step 7 – Clear Data If using the Force Stop and Clear Cache options didn’t help, you will next want to use the Clear Data option.When used, Safe Mode will disable any third party apps or games you have installed.

If the issue is specific to a certain app or game, such as a specific app closing whenever you try to open it, proceed to step 6.Step 10 – Uninstall, test, repeat WARNING: Before using this option record any important details and backup any data you would like to retain from the specific app or game.We recommend removing recently installed apps and games one by one, followed by testing.If the issue isn’t specific to an app or game, proceed to step 9.Step 6 – Force Stop & Clear Cache Should the issue occur when using a specific app or game, consider using the Force Stop option to completely shut the app or game down.

Step 11 – Factory reset This process will result in your device being restored to factory default settings which means your data, settings, and any apps or games you may have installed will be removed.

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