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Any other entries under “PV2”..etc, simply represent mirrored copies.

Next, verify your boot image can be successfully recreated using the hdisk# from above and by using /dev/ipldevice.

Note that if you do “Apply” you will need to “Commit” before continuing with the actual update_all process. # installp -acd /dev/cd0 install From a download directory (/fixes/6100-06) # installp -acd /fixes/6100-06 install Using SMITTY # smitty install_all * INPUT device / directory for software /dev/cd0 * SOFTWARE to install [install] PREVIEW only? No The only required change would be the option for “ACCEPT new license agreements”.

(install operation will NOT occur) no Once the installation is complete you will then be able to run the preview operation on the remaining filesets to get an estimate of the required space for your update. All other given defaults should remain as they are. The only other interaction you may have is if you need to switch out a volume of the media package.

If your partitions are not contiguous, or are not covered on the first partitions of the disk please call the software support line for assistance with correcting this. Firmware Firmware should be kept up to date and be checked whenever a technology level update is considered.

Again, you may only have 1 partition that is large enough to handle the boot image, or you may have multiple smaller partitions. In general firmware updates should be applied before software updates, but that is not a rule set in stone.

Boot Image Verification The hd5 logical volume holds your boot image.

# lsvg -l rootvg |grep hd5 hd5 boot 1 1 1 closed/syncd N/A # lsvg rootvg |grep SIZE VG STATE: active PP SIZE: 32 megabyte(s) The single partition (in bold (1)) is 32meg in size. Smaller partition sizes will require more partitions to be allocated.If either of these two commands fail for reason, please call the support center for resolution before proceeding.Finally, with the continual introduction of new devices and hardware the boot images are growing larger.You should always refer to the firmware download site installation information and follow those instructions.You can access the firmware download site here : If there are any questions concerning the firmware update, installation instructions, or if there are software considerations please contact the hardware support center first. Fileset Consistency You should run the following command to check fileset consistency : # lppchk -v Ideally this should return to the command line with no output.

In all cases the “input device” (location of the software) will be referred to as being a local cdrom drive (/dev/cd0). FAILED : One or more filesets failed for some reason.

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