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Reliable technology, but dated technology nonetheless. “As far as the reliability problems, there are four fuses in this car.

There's really not a lot to go wrong electrically” Seeberg says.

People say these cars are small, you don't want to be in an accident in them, but MG's motto was “Safety Fast,” and they actually crashed one of these and put it in a factory when they were building it to show how safe these things were.

There's huge crumple zones, the steering wheels collapses, so there's a lot of safety features that weren't available on cars in the states for years.” While Toyota and Datsun cars were offering 1980s technology and performance by the late 1970s, MGBs were still offering technology from the early 1960s.

And when I brought it to my mechanic, the first he said was “can you return it?

” He said the only saving grace was the body wasn't rusted, which is key on these cars.” Putting aside for the moment the question of just how this MGB ended up as a 1:1 scale Revell kit, we have to point out that the reassembly quality on this example was more or less solid.

The car responds well to imperfections in the road surface, and as we take corners at speed, it never feels like it's anywhere close to losing composure.

That was perhaps one of the keys to the MGB's popularity – it had the road manners of a hardtop and has quite predictable, linear handling that rarely delivered nasty surprises when driven at the limit.

And then we did the front end, and the back end, and then the engine.So everything's basically bigger and better, so it can get more air in and out.It's a little over double the factory horsepower” Seeberg says.“Most of the moving parts on this thing are very durable.This thing had a factory alternator on it when I got, it, so I had to replace it when I got it, but it lasted 30 years.

Other roadsters of the time compromised on handling by offering more graceful bodywork, or by being a couple sizes larger than the MGB itself.“They're pretty heavy, about 2,800 pounds to 3000 pounds" Seeberg explains. Like I said – it's a unibody car -- so every part is welded together.

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