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I meant to get a picture of our “captain” bailing water out of the boat during the trip, but our camera died, so I missed it.It was a lovely boat ride, warm, but the breeze kept us cool, with sightings of all sorts of birds, and meanderings up and down some very cool waterways.We left early in the morning on a Saturday (ugh) to improve the chance of getting good weather.After about an hour’s drive, we arrived a t a small village next to the river, where we loaded up ship and were on our way in about 10 minutes (got to love that about Panama, no papers to sign, liability releases etc.) Our group filled up 2 boats, which were piloted by locals.Some insist on calling it a Balboa, and will correct you if you refer to it as a dollar.School has started and been going strong for 2 weeks now.We’ve been getting oot and aboot (that’s for you Warren) lately so here’s a rundown.

We stopped at a differnet cave to go inside (only one bat, which I didn’t see).It’s nice to be reunited with some of our things, it helps us feel more at home: golf clubs, bicycle, pictures and books.On the other hand, I find it quite funny that we managed to ship an empty VHS case, a sandwich bag full of q-tips, and several packs of razors: these items were apparently so important that they travelled thousands of miles to join us.It was a boat trip up the Chagres River which connects to the Canal.Much of the river has been formed by the dams that were built to help fill the canal.

Sailing along the west coast of South America gives you a unique opportunity to explore fascinating archaeological sites and the mysteries of lost cultures.

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