Updating sql server dao recordsets

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For more information on backing up and editing the registry, see How to Modify the Windows Registry.

To enable tracing of all ODBC commands from the Jet database engine: After making this change in the registry, queries submitted to any ODBC data source are logged in a text file named

To accomplish this, you need to be able to analyze the SQL commands that Office Access is submitting.

There are two tools that you can use to see how Office Access is communicating with SQL Server.

This occurs because sometimes the Office Access database engine determines that it cannot submit an entire query to SQL Server.

Instead, it submits multiple queries, often including queries that request all of the rows in a table, and then it combines or filters the data on the client.

The interaction of these two engines can sometimes yield results that are inferior to those obtained by using only the Jet database engine with native Office Access tables.

This white paper discusses several of these issues and presents strategies for resolving them.

Select a template that shows TSQL to see all the statements being processed by the server.

Unless you delete this file or its contents, it continues to grow as new queries are executed and the tracing activity degrades performance. SQLExecute: (MULTI-ROW FETCH) SQLExec Direct indicates execution of a non-parameterized query.

It is very important to return to the Registry Editor and turn the feature off by changing the Trace SQLMode setting back to 0 when you are done testing. All the quotation marks that you see around object names are comparable to the brackets that Office Access uses (and that also can be used in SQL Server) to handle spaces or other illegal characters in names.

I have two tables in my database which are named Book and References Num, and they have a one-to-many relationship where Book is the main table.

I want to loop through both records and when ever the primary key (Title) from Book is equal to a record that has the same Title in References Num I want to take the ID Number from the record that is in Book and put the same value in the ID field that is in References Num. I got it for VBA but I am trying to use SQL statments instead.

You are creating an O(N^2) process where you could accomplish this as O(1) by using a single SQL statement to update all records. In answer to your question above, though, you are receiving prompts because you are using the wrong syntax when referring to the fields in your recordsets so Access thinks you want to supply a parameter.

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