Updating osx 10 3

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As APFS is designed to be low latency, this should also improve read and write speeds on i OS or Mac devices.

Apple demonstrated this during WWDC last year with a Mac, showing how APFS saved time on a simple file copy compared to HFS .

Visit this Apple Support page to learn more about upgrading your Mac.

What you might notice when you install i OS 10.3 is that it takes longer to install.

It shouldn’t be too much longer, but Apple is taking on a big task to carefully and silently update millions of i OS devices’ file systems so things will take a little longer than normal.

Other than a tiny boost to storage, it’s unlikely you’ll see any benefits from this new file system on an i Pad or i Phone just yet.

It will help lay some of the foundations for Apple to switch fully over to 64-bit apps only on i OS, something that many believe will happen with i OS 11.

Most of the features in i OS 10.3 aren’t major, but Apple is actually undertaking a pretty huge shift for all i Pad and i Phone users today.

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