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He’s not a mean person, and definitely not overly threatening when sober.But when he corners you in his drunken state, when no one else is looking, and nicely asks to let in “just a few more” people into your house, you don’t really want to start any more trouble.We would clean up afterwards and not leave a trace of evidence and it would all be perfect. Things didn’t go anywhere near as well as I’d hoped. One of my older cousins was kind enough to provide me with the booze and we were more than stocked for the night.I felt like I had reached King Tut’s ancient tomb, only instead of jewels and assorted riches, it was rather rum, vodka, and assorted types of beer.In hindsight I made a poor decision letting them stay, but there were only a few of them and I saw neither the harm nor the chain reaction it would create.The night went on with me sipping my next beer as more of the uninvited trespassed into my domain.The kitchen looked like some sort of sad group intervention where everyone refused to give up their alcohol addiction and instead prohibited members from the circle who WEREN’T drinking beer.

I was updating my i Tunes playlist when they arrived. These punks weren’t as difficult as some of the later ones and they brought in their own 24 pack of cheap beer so they weren’t as despicable either I suppose.

And sure, the toilet handle was broken, but I could just say I pressed it too hard. Again, things didn’t go as easily as I had thought.

My parents arrived home the next night; I was at work and didn’t see them until around 1 am when I returned and boy, did I get it.

After the guests finally left, and I cleaned up every last beer can (or what I thought was every can) I was confident I would get away with the crime.

Sure, the cops had showed up to question me, but by then the party, or chaotic mess of a party, was nearly over anyway.

Kids whom I had absolutely no ties to were approaching me, offering beer and whatnot, begging me to be more “reasonable” and to let them stay. Apparently one kid was upset with a friend of his whom he brought to the party, saying she started a rumor about him. I demanded he sit in the back with me and Sameen up front or he would walk home.

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