Updating ms access table radgrid not updating database

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Building a temporary table in Access that contains the data obtained from the linked table, then do the update locally by using the temporary table as the source table because the temporary table contains the qualified data from the linked table.

We then update the matching data in the local target table by using a join with the temporary table. Copyright© Geeks No portion may be reproduced without my written permission.

I have never done this before but it seems logical.

Drop me an email and I will promptly and gladly rectify it.

Hello experts, I need to update the currency exchange rates in an Access (2010) tab many times a throughout the day.

Always best to convert to what the field will be in the end It's stored as a double, you may as well force the issue with CDbl() rather than let Access handle it and maybe get it wrong. Ok, then you just need a single loop of iteration your dictionary.

Set the recordset, do the update, close the recordset 120 keys in the dictionary?

I have found a way to extract the currency codes with corresponding rates (as variants) from a JSON file.

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