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That’s where Createer, the upcoming online content design tool, comes in.

You can use Createer to design content that goes inside your web page.

Visser, (1998) in his motivational model that was based on Keller’s Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction model of motivation where she found an increase in retention over a control group, but the group sizes were very small. 79-91 in Readings on the Development of Children (1997), Edited by: Gauvain, M.

July 29, 2015 It's been a while since we had significant news to announce and we apologize for the long delay.

To overcome this I have devised a means of uploading the articles on Blackboard days before the lectures and to ensure that they have gone through the materials, I start by asking general simple questions relating to the article and this takes us to the lecture discussion and to conclude we go through some ‘Kahoot’ quiz in which I always encourage the spirit of competition between the students.

This means that to make your website truly look good, you also need to create your own pages/content that would be displayed within the web template.

In attempting to motivate my students, I always ensure that current articles relating to the concept we are about to learn is printed and taken to class for them to read and appreciate that what we are doing in class is not isolated from the larger society.

The articles are analysed in class after going through the lecture materials to ensure students are fully engaged with learning.

The main problem with web templates is that they may look deceiving because once you load them into your Word Press or Joomla based website, your website may look quite different and “poor” without any content, when it is still fresh and doesn’t have any pages.

The content/pages are usually not a part of web template and are included in web templates only as a sample of how your website may look like with such pages/content.

Supporting students imply making them better learners and motivating them to engage with the learning activities both in the classroom and in a flipped class to enable learner retain the relevant concepts learned and apply this in a real world situation by moving the learner from ignorance to an informed person (UKPSF: A4).

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