Updating jtable data

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Personally I wouldn't use a data source external to the model, just gets too hard to manage.I am trying to update database by editing cell values in jtable.When the user resizes a column by dragging its right border, then either other columns must change size, or the table's size must change.By default, the table's size remains the same, and all columns to the right of the drag point resize to accommodate space added to or removed from the column to the left of the drag point.Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you.Hello, I understand that and have read that information, but i don't know how to get the Table Model to fire the event. But now when my JTable's Table Model updates it will only return -1 for selected Row even when I selected different rows. Is there a specific method I call..I call something on the JTable itself or the underlying Table Model?The user can select a contiguous range of rows or an arbitrary set of rows.The last cell that the user indicated gets a special indication; in the Metal look and feel, the cell is outlined.

Also, I will be honest - although I read the text on firing Data Change Events - I don't know HOW to do that. " Do you really think it's helpful to tell them: "you change the event fired to specifically show what has changed."? Thats because you have provided limited information about your model.

I assumed that the Table Model would automatically update the table if I assign a new Object[][] to the existing instance variable that I used as the table data source. George the model is the table's data source Default Table Model model = new Default Table Model(0, 3); table = new JTable(model); // add a row Row(new String[] { "a", "b", "c" ); // change a cell value Value At("x", 0, 0); etc.

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However, when table itself is resized — typically because the window has resized —; the columns' preferred widths do not change.

Instead, the existing preferred widths are used to calculate new column widths to fill the available space.

To customize initial column widths, you can invoke supplies getter and setter methods for the minimum, preferred, and maximum widths of a column, as well as a method for getting the current width.

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