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3 April 2007, by mark hoekstra These last few days I’ve been living like a monk. Well, after the success of my former project, turn your i Pod mini into a flash based i Pod, I started thinking “wouldn’t it be great if we could do this to almost any i Pod ever made? I mean, eliminating all moving parts out of our current i Pods would be great, wouldn’t it? The information online about something like this was very scarce, if any, and I couldn’t find a single soul who actually did something like this…

So, there I was, (thanks go out to Adam of i for some of the material) with two 4G i Pods (a 40GB photo and a 20GB ‘normal’ 4G), some compact flashcards, up to 16GB, all from Peak Hardware, cards that have proven to be ideal for the i Pod mini upgrade, my kitchentable, my tools and three days to do it in (which became four by the way, and the weather’s been great! *^_^*) Well, in the process of gathering the information for what was needed to pull this off, the tought of making this a how-to became doubtful.

Un format A4 ou US Letter était proposé en téléchargement.The geek in me says it's a software issue, but I cannot find anything anywhere to substantiate my claim.I would like Audi to simply replace the entire AMI system, but I understand their reluctance to do that.The AMI apparently doesn't recognize it, as the screen shows "no device attached" (though it did, once in numerous tries, briefly indicate that the system was initializing the device ... For 2 months my ipod/ami was fine and from then it has given problems.then back to original message.) Please post back if you find an answer and I'll do the same. For no apparent reason the music goes off line and all you can hear is cracling and interference, sometimes the left hand or right hand channels go down and its just like you pulled the ariel out of a radio.

and no either says not recognized or recognizes it but shows all the tracks as duration and plays none.

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