Updating iis a dating story

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To assign an IP address to an IIS Web site that has been extended with Windows Share Point Services 3.0, you can directly modify the IIS bindings of an IIS Web site. We do not recommend reusing the same IIS Web site for your HTTP and SSL hosting.

For more information about this exception, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 927376: Error message when you try to create a Windows Share Point Services 3.0 Web application in Share Point 3.0 Central Administration: The IIS Web Site you have selected is in use by Share Point. Instead, extend a dedicated HTTP and a dedicated SSL Web site, each assigned to its own alternate access mapping zone and URLs.

To minimize impact to users on your network, update certificates during a scheduled service maintenance period.

However whenever I change the html files in the website directory and referesh the webpage in my browser (chrome), nothing changes.

Hi Folks, We are experiencing a problem with IIS 7.5 on Server 2008 R2. It just keeps showing the old unchanged web service. When published to other web servers all works as it should. Often you may find a need to delete these when you have a deployment.

If, however, you want to give IIS a kick the easiest way is with the command line: This could be the browser cache (And yes! As you can see people answer here, their solutions can help. This solution fakes different urls for brosers but actually it is not different.

However, I would like to point possible problems of each solution and give my favorite solution.

Or you might create a Web application to use the host header, and then decide to use the host header, instead.

This article provides guidance for changing the URL and IIS bindings of a Web application.

After you have extended a Web application into a zone with a set of IIS bindings and alternate access mapping URLs, you might decide that you want to use a different URL to reach the Web application.

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