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Open up QGround Control and ensure the GPS and Battery are active “colored black” and have basic functionality in the top panel: Navigate to the Airframe menu and select “Reset” to reset the drone’s airframe configuration.Select “Apply and Restart” and restart the drone Wait 1 minute after the drone powers on, and reconnect to its AP.On Sunday I suspended my Windows 7 VM and updated Fusion to 4.1.2 without issues.This morning I restarted that VM and updated VMWare Tools to 8.8.3.Intel is shipping the drone with PX4 already flashed, but you can choose between PX4 and Ardupilot as both are included in the default filesystem iso image. To summarize: Alternate method: There are other tools available for specific operating systems, if it's preferred.Windows users can use Win32 Disk Imager and Linux/Mac OS users can use the following command in the terminal: The commands above will verify you have a valid USB drive connected, do some sanity checks and reboot into the update image.Here's how to follow the flash progress during the alternate method flash: is one of the firmwares above.

Follow the instructions to calibrate the transmitter, selecting “Next” after each change Navigate to the Sensors menu.

The Troubleshooting report shows "Color depth is set too low (Not fixed)" and "Desktop Window Manager is disabled (Fixed)".

Display properties show "True Color (32-bit)" is selected, as shown in the attachment.

You have the choice between 2 options: Intel Aero Compute Board is like your laptop or server: it has an UEFI BIOS and an operating system.

But the Compute Board also has a FPGA, in charge of routing the IOs between the processor (So C, System-on-Chip to be precise) and the motors plus flight controller.

A short press of the power button should switch on Intel Aero.

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